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The sound that you are hearing is the call of a Red-tailed Hawk* (reload page to hear it again).

This image of Pale Male appears here courtesy of Lincoln Karim, who has authorized use of his photographs with proper attribution to all who seek restoration of Pale Male and Lola's nest.

Following is a sampling of protest letters that have been copied to me as well as links to the NY Times Letters to the Editor and to the Pale Male archives found at National Public Radio. All letters posted here appear with the authors' kind permission.

NY Times letters to the Editor (10 December)

National Public Radio archive of stories and photos about Pale Male and his succession of consorts.

Enclosed [below] is a letter that our fourth grade class has sent to the following people; Mr. Lillien, Mr Schnekenberger, The NY Times and the real estate firm of Brown, Harris, Stevens. We are so sad about Pale Male losing his nest. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Sandra Kesselman
Burton Street School
Panorama City, Ca.
Fourth grade, room 36

Dear New York Times,

We are fourth and fifth grade students in a barrio school in a suburb of Los Angeles. We love Pale Male and his families. We have seen the movie about him many times. We have become interested in reading and writing because of Pale Male. We have discovered lots of things about Buteo hawks. We watch the hawks soar over our playground when they look for food. There is a bulletin board devoted to Pale Male in our classroom. We cried when we heard that Charles Kennedy died. Please tell the people who took the nest down to put it back. Pale Male and Lola need to nest where it is best for them. We want to believe that nature matters and that people are kind. We want to believe in New York City as a place that values creatures like Pale Male. He is like us. He has courage in spite of many difficulties. Please we beg you to tell the landlord of the building to let Pale Male and Lola live where they always have lived.

 Room 36
 Burton Street School
 8111 Calhoun St.
 Panorama City, Calif. 91402


Being a long term bird breeder, I am appalled and saddened at the destruction of the nest of this incredible pair of birds after so many years of breeding in that one spot. Perhaps the responsible party did it on impulse without regard to the welfare of the pair. I beg this person to reconsider their actions and to replace the spikes that maintained the nest of Pale Male and Lola. This special pair has become a legend in NYC. They are also a beneficial factor in reducing the pigeon and rat population in that area.

Patricia Barth
Shokan, NY (home of the nesting bald eagles)


* The call of the Red-tailed Hawk is recorded by Lang Elliott at NatureSounds Studio and is linked and embedded here without permission for educational purposes only, with no intention to profit in any way whatsoever.

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