Saturday, February 12, 2005

Skeptic's Circle Request for Articles

Are you skeptical about something? Do certain people have beliefs or behaviors that leave you scratching your head in utter confusion? Whether you are baffled as to why people continue to believe that astrology can predict your future or your personality, or people's willingness to believe that they have scored free money (as I momentarily did yesterday, before I came to my senses), the Skeptic's Circle is looking for you!

The Skeptic's Circle is a new biweekly Blog Carnival and the people behind the scenes are looking for submissions of blogged articles for their upcoming second issue. The articles can discuss science, medicine, blogging, social interactions or whatever else has activated your skeptical mind and thus compelled you to write about it. These articles describe your critical (skeptical) thinking and discovery process regarding either a personal experience or report your investigations into a particular event or phenomenon that most people accept as truth but shouldn't. These articles should have been published on your blog within the past two months or so, although I don't think the editor is particularly strict about this.

Go here for more information and for the email address to submit your article URLs. So, fellow skeptics, don't wait too long, because the deadline for this next edition of the Skeptic's Circle rapidly approaches! We eagerly await your missives of wit and wisdom and most of all, we seek to celebrate critical thinking and enlightened investigation! (Remember, this recognition looks good on your CV or resume! Or .. does it?).


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