Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tangled Bank Request for Submissions

School has been back in back in session for a month or more and you have (hopefully) finished your first round of exams, so now you are ready for some fun reading that relates to those science-y subjects you are learning about. Perhaps your science class doesn't seem to relate to "real life" or your professor/teacher is not as excited about the subject as you are, or maybe you wrote an essay for your class that you want to share with the world? On the other hand, perhaps you are a blog writer who enjoys "translating" science or medicine so the public actually understands what the heck you are talking about, or maybe there is an environmental injustice occurring that makes you want to scream aloud in frustration?

If so, Tangled Bank is for you! Tangled Bank is a Blog Carnival that is actively seeking submissions of your blogged essays, opinion pieces, poetry, and cartoons that present or discuss topics that affect the natural (biological) world. As such, the guidelines describing what is appropriate subject material are very broad: basically; your submission must be about science, nature or medicine, and it must have been published within the past two or three months on a blog.

I am proud to announce that I will be your next host of Tangled Bank. In an effort to satisfy regular readers of Tangled Bank as well as to indulge my own readers, I am working on several articles of my own for this next issue that I hope you all will enjoy. But I alone cannot write all the content required for Tangled Bank (nor do I wish to!), so I need your help. As you know, Tangled Bank is a collaborative blog writing effort that seeks to provide you with access to the best and most provocative blog writing concerning science, medicine and the environment. Each issue presents links to articles written by individuals in the sciences, medicine and the environment, as well as works by people in other fields who think and write about these topics. Every two weeks, an individual blogger volunteers to host the current issue of this blog carnival. This host presents and publishes links to blogged articles so the public can read and comment on them. My issue of Tangled Bank will be published on 5 October 2005.

Please read the current issue or past issues of Tangled Bank to appreciate the overall quality as well as the depth and breadth of topics presented. As you will see, essays range from personal to scholarly, but they all represent topics that each author finds interesting and that you might be interested to read and learn about, too.

Incidentally, I have noticed that there still are more male than female bloggers, and this population bias is magnified among Tangled Bank authors. I have also noticed that there is a huge bias of American versus "non-American" authors in Tangled Bank. I wish to help change these statistics by strongly encouraging women and "non-Americans" to add their insights to "my" issue of Tangled Bank, to provide them exposure to a wider audience than they have previously enjoyed. (Of course, everyone's submissions are most welcomed by me!). Additionally, if you have read a great blogged essay on someone else's blog that would be a great addition to Tangled Bank, please email the link to me so I can include your nomination in "my" issue of Tangled Bank.

Article Submissions: email links to your submission(s) to PZ Myers, or to the Tangled Bank host [at] tangledbank [dot] net by 4 October 2005. Please write "Tangled Bank" in the subject line. All submissions will be acknowledged by email within 24 hours, so if you do not receive a response from me in that time frame, please resubmit (this is to avoid loss of any submissions to an overactive spam filter). Because I wish to encourage lots of "new faces" and third-party nominations, please let me know if this is the first time you've submitted an article to Tangled Bank or if you are nominating someone else's work. I look forward to reading your articles and to putting together this next issue.

There are 13 days until my issue of Tangled Bank is published.


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