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How can you show your support for the return of Pale Male and Lola's nest if you do not live in NYC? PBS is showing the documentary Pale Male: The Movie on PBS twice this week. The rumor I was told at the gathering was these screenings are for fund raising purposes. Please check your local PBS station listings to see if this documentary can be seen in your area. If you live in NYC, this film will be shown on channel 13 (WNET) on Tuesday Dec. 14th at 8pm and again on Sunday Dec. 19th at 8pm.

A Pale Male screensaver is available for free download for both PCs and Macs.

The following is copied from the Pale Male website: There are "gatherings" of all interested people at 74th Street & 5th Ave (Manhattan) on the Central Park side of the Street:

Saturday, December 11 - Noon until The Nest is Back!
Sunday, December 12 - Noon until The Nest is Back!
Next Week - 4:30 Until The Nest is Back!

According to our permit, which is held by the NYC Audubon Society, this is a peaceful gathering, not an official protest. We are not allowed to block the street, harass or confront the residents of the building, nor are we allowed to use loudspeakers. However, we are allowed to bring bags of birdseed to sprinkle liberally on the entrance to Pale Male and Lola's building!

NOTE: It is possible that our outcry might be causing the President of the co-op, Richard D. Cohen, to relent a teensy bit. Saturday morning (11 Dec), he said on a National Public Radio report that the residents of the building may be willing to build a nest platform on the building for the birds, provided that the platform did not pose a threat to pedestrians. A meeting of both National and NYC Audubon Society representatives, Co-op board members and NY city officials is scheduled for Monday morning (13 Dec) to negotiate a suitable solution for everyone.

Of course, this is good news if this offer to negotiate is made in good faith by the co-op members, but don't let this potential breakthrough prevent you from continuing to protest intensely because negotiations have not yet occurred and nothing has been signed that is legally binding! Additionally, the nest platform must be in place as soon as possible so Pale Male and Lola do not lose the 2005 breeding season, which begins in February (thus requiring the nest to be completely rebuilt before then, obviously).

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Blogger Tabor said...

Outside my office highrise there is a wonderful Peregrine Falcon and also a Cooper's Hawk. Sometimes one can see the dove feathers fly as they live their lives. One of the nicest natural experiences in the city.

9:56 AM  
Blogger jo said...

Unfortunately, the "platform compromise" is not really feasible or advisable, according to Marie Winn, and Audubon has agreed that the only acceptable solution is the restoration of the spikes so that Pale Male can rebuild his own nest. EJ McAdams will be at the 4:30 vigil today (Monday) to tell us the result of today's meeting. I will post as soon as I have more news.

Some great photos of Sunday's vigil/protest.

2:03 PM  

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