Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm Baaaack!

Okay, I am finally here after a harrowing three days. My illness, which never really was resolved, became worse during the past three days. Coincidentally, I was writing my Anatomy & Physiology students' final exam during the past three days, too. Last night was the final exam. The most I will say (for now) about the entire experience is that

it is over!!

Well, almost!

A Seattle pal of mine sent a cartoon that I know you all will chuckle over. Keep in mind that I am a bird lover (okay, I am an ornithologist) and an evolutionary biologist, so I think this cartoon is brilliant. While you enjoy that, I will get a latte to sip while I compute final lab grades for my biochemistry class (I co-taught that one), grade my students' A&P final exams, compute final scores and turn them all in to the registrar (I have 48 hours to get this done).


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Blogger latina marie said...


great cartoon.

good luck with the grading. i know it can be a pain.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Rexroth's Daughter said...

Great cartoon. It's so funny. They might as well teach the stork story in Kansas. We live in the weirdest of times, don't we?

5:03 PM  
Blogger Smilin' Jack said...

Oh, I get's a metaphorical attack on the Harvard faculty for refusing to recognize the scientific evidence for sexual differences in cognition. Right?

Glad you're baaack...good luck with the new job.

6:19 PM  
Blogger roger said...

isn't it contradictory to be an ornithologist and a storkist?

"A&P students?" you teach a grocery course?

sorry for the bad humor, the crow made me do it.

congrats on the end (almost) of your current teaching experience----and on securing a better one.

6:23 PM  
Blogger GrrlScientist said...

Bzzzzt! Jack .. that cartoon is comparing evolution ed with sex ed .. but you already knew that. Right?

DPirateR .. I thought that being an ornithologist and a storkist were complimentary? Am I wrong? (I am thinking birdsbirdsbbirds when I say that, so this is only a superficial semantic observation).

I am done with grading, now I get to play with the numbers (I like that part of the job) to determine the final grades and then I get to wrestle with the computer at my (almost) former school employer (not to be confused with my former postdoc employer, whom I have a very strong relationship with).

It has been a long semester. I can hardly wait for it to finally end.


7:31 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

If sexual reproduction theory must go, the stork myth ain't so bad at all. I might even prefer it. What a rich and poetic mythology. I wouldn't want to pitch it out. I stand with the mythologists. Poetic (analog) explaination shouldn't be dumped because we live in a digital age. Birds stand as living symbols of life and regeneration. The living symbol predates mankind altogether.

The mysteries of migration expand the idea of a world beyond the local in a tantalizing way. As do ranging daily avian movements. That the bird bears tidings from beyond is
substantial and perennially noteworthy. The stork is synechdotal of all this. Be kind to storkist believers.

11:33 AM  

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