Monday, July 11, 2005

Harry Potter's Voices

If you are like me, you have been thinking and planning about how and where you will spend those precious hours after you purchase your copy of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince this Friday night/Saturday morning at midnight-oh-one. Perhaps some of you purchase the audio book tapes instead? Our passion has not gone unnoticed: National Public Radio (NPR) is aware that millions of fans are interested to hear and read the smallest scrap of information about this book series, so they recently interviewed the man who does the voices on the Harry Potter audio tapes for their show, Weekend America. When this page pops up, scroll down a little more than halfway to the interview entitled A Man of Many Voices, and click on the audio icon. The interview is 4.56 minutes long and requires RealPlayer.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just finished re-reading Order of the Phoenix in anticipation of Half-Blood Prince. I thought it would take me all this week. However once I started on Thursday evening I couldn't put it down and finished last night. Now I definitely need my next fix...Thanks for the maintanence dose. :-)


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