Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tangled Bank Appeal for Submissions

There are only seven days remaining before the next issue of Tangled Bank will be posted -- MY issue of Tangled Bank! I have only five submissions so far (thanks, everyone) and even though these essays are all wonderfully clever (you'll love them, in fact), I want more! More, more, more!

If this issue of Tangled Bank crashes and burns, everyone will remember that it happened when I was hosting it. Since this is the second time I have hosted Tangled Bank (click here to see my first hosting attempt), there will be no mercy shown to me if I fail in this mission! So please, dear readers, save me from eternal embarassment by writing an essay, poem, interactive quiz or some other really cool and science-y piece and then submit the URL to me so I can share your wit and wisdom with the entire known world! Additionally, if you notice an especially fine piece of science/nature/medical writing in your blog wanderings, please send me the URL so I can include it, too. Don't be shy! You know you can do it, so let the rest of us know what you are capable of, too!

Please send your essay links to PZ Myers or to the Tangled Bank host by 4 October 2005 for inclusion in the 5 October issue of your favorite blog carnival, Tangled Bank! Be sure to write "Tangled Bank" in your email subject line to guarantee top-priority treatment!


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