Monday, December 13, 2004

PROTEST INFO: Negotiations

Our protest is having an effect! According to a report on National Public Radio, the chairman of the co-op board, Richard D. Cohen, said that Pale Male and Lola could return to their nest site provided that the structure they build is "safe for pedestrians". [No mention was made this time of a "required" nesting platform. Also gone are all previous -- earlier -- claims that the birds violated public health codes]. The Audubon Society representatives merely state that the negotiations were "constructive".

NY Times story about the negotiations.

Honestly, the nest structure WAS SAFE up until the day that the building co-op had it removed. Because no evidence has ever been made public that the nest structure was in any way unsafe, it is absolutely ludicrous to expect the public to simply accept the co-op board's claim of "unsafe" as reality. As a result, I have concluded that Richard D. Cohen's softening position regarding Pale Male and Lola's nest is merely an attempt to "save face" rather than represent the reality of the (engineering) situation.

Because the building co-op, and Richard D. Cohen specifically, have made all sorts of claims about the nest that were later shown to be untrue, I think WE THE PEOPLE are WISE to be very suspicious of anything they say. We The People cannot relent now, because nothing legally binding has been signed and Pale Male and Lola's nest has not been returned! WE MUST keep our momentum, we MUST keep the pressure going: Write those letters! Call those phone numbers! Send those emails, FAXes and US mail letters! Victory is in the air, but We The People cannot relent now or Pale Male and Lola will lose everything and we ALL will be diminished!

Let's give Pale Male and Lola the best Christmas gift we can give, the best of all, the gift of a home!

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