Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Carnival of Education #6 was Published

I was a little surprised to see that an essay I wrote was included in the recent Carnival of Education, published this morning. I was surprised because this essay, Owls and other Fantasies, is not one of my more optimistic pieces. My essay is listed somewhere closer to the top than the bottom of this index.

Unfortunately, the Carnival of Education does not have a primary index site that links together everything they've listed (otherwise, I'd link to it from my sidebar), but each new issue does provide links to previous index issues, so you can check them all out if you wish.


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Blogger Rexroth's Daughter said...

That was a great piece on education. I think you've captured the ambiance of the classroom, as well as the discontents of adjunct faculty and lecturers. Such a nice touch to end with Mary Oliver's poem.

12:30 PM  
Blogger technicalsatan said...

I dare say that what you have written is an experience that every teacher (no matter the level) has had. My mom and I have a basic saying for students, "That is a choice for you." If they do not want to learn, it is very hard to force them.

I shall not bore you with the questions I get as a subsitute, but I did get to baby sit a biology class today. :)

I wish it had been Chemistry, Physics, or Math where I have some knowledge. :/

4:25 PM  
Blogger GrrlScientist said...

Thanks for reading and appreciating that essay (especially the poem by Mary Oliver), dharma bums! Have you read Mary Oliver before? I remember the very day when I first read a poem of hers .. and I remember that first poem I read was her lovely and sad "Peonies", which was what I was alluding to in that essay when I mentioned the card I received with peonies on it. I realized that I lack the writing skill to have somehow worked that poem in to the essay as well, so I decided to not pursue it further.

Are you a substitute teacher, technicalsatan? Are you in K-12 or college?

7:53 AM  
Blogger technicalsatan said...

9-12, I work at my old high school, which is kinda strange. Most of my issues come from maturity level. Some kids have a decent maturity level, and some do not.

Plus, I have taught at the college level, as a TA - Intro to Materials Science (my field) and Frosh Chemistry.

I like to teach, when I get the chance.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Rexroth's Daughter said...

I've read some Mary Oliver-- Someone gave me her "Poem for My Father's Ghost" when my father died. I have since given it to many others. She is a great writer. I will find a copy of Peonies today.
I have also TAed at two universities. Once in Freshman English, and once in Introduction to Physical Anthropology, and I found most students to be uninterested and disengaged. Okay writing compositions can be a chore, but bored while looking at the casts of chimpanzee skulls. Please!

11:41 AM  
Blogger Tabor said...

That article was one of my favorites also. Brought back the not so good memories of my early teaching days.

8:15 AM  
Blogger GrrlScientist said...

Ha ha, technicalsatan, problems encountered due to diminished maturity levels are not confined to kids! But I am saving those stories for a potential sit-com pilot script that I will post here in the future. (Or maybe not?).

dharma bums: One big difference between TAing and being the professor (as I am now -- presumably) is the fact that I cannot force my students talk to the professor about their problems with the course because I am the professor and if they don't want to deal with me, well, they don't have to.

Thanks for the kind words, Tabor. I re-read that article on Wednesday and found that I liked it better than I thought I did! Well, it is friday morning now, I am done teaching for the week (halleluiah!) so now I can focus on writing more research papers and on the depressing task of finding a decent job!

9:48 AM  
Blogger technicalsatan said...

Considering that I am a bit older than my test subjects (aka kids), maturity has applied to every teaching gig I have had. But, I don't recall stating that it was restricted to 9-12 level students.

I can understand how you might reach that conclusion based on the second comment. But, in conjunction with the first comment, I am not convinced that it is a reasonable result. But, it could be due to the limitations of this interaction method.

9:35 PM  

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