Sunday, October 02, 2005

Tangled Bank: Another Appeal for Submissions

As you all might know, I am hosting the upcoming issue of the blog carnival, Tangled Bank, but what you might not know is that the deadline is fast approaching (it is 4 October) but I have not received very many submissions yet! (Okay, I've received approximately 12 submissions, maybe 15 by now). So I am asking you to please send me your brilliant or witty or insightful essays, opinion pieces, or poetry; your lovely photographs or your creative cartoons. All accepted contributions will focus on science, nature or medicine. Because I am trying to encourage women, non-American and new contributors to Tangled Bank, please let me know if you fit into any of these categories. Additionally, please feel free to nominate other blog writers' work if you read something out there that would be appropriate to Tangled Bank (I've already found two essays in the blogosphere that I am nominating!).

There are only THREE DAYS REMAINING until Tangled Bank is published! Please get your submissions to me as soon as possible.


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