Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Blog Carnivals, Writing Contests and Blog Awards

The Tangled BankThe blog carnival that celebrates the best science, nature and medical writing, the Tangled Bank, issue #44 is available today at Afarensis: Anthropology, Evolution and Science. Besides linking to 38 contributions (one from me, too -- gee, can you guess which one?), the host's blog also is great reading, so be sure to poke through his archives.

The blog carnival that celebrates your best blogged essay from the previous week or two, the Carnival of the Vanities, was published within the hour, and includes a contribution from me. This particular blog carnival is not restricted to specific topics; instead, its rules are; one really good post per blog, written recently, substantially original and not merely a linkfest or quote, and not from a spam blog.

The Science Creative Quarterly (SCQ) is pleased to present another writing contest. This contest seeks "creative" entries inspired by the photographic images found in David Bookbinder's Flower Mandalas Project (January's flower is pictured, click image to see a larger version in its own window). These creative pieces can be composed on the whim of the author, in any form, including (but not limited to), poetry, fiction, and/or personal essay; and should preferably refer to a specific flower image found either at SCQ's site or at the main project website.

You, dear readers, are also invited to nominate my blog for one or for a bunch of 2006 Bloggie Awards. Allow me to suggest that Scientific Life might do well in these categories; best topical blog (science), best writing, and best-kept-secret. Be sure to think carefully about your Bloggie nominations in advance because you can only make one multi-category nomination, you can nominate no more than three blogs per category and you must nominate at least three different blogs in total. Nominations for the Bloggies are now open. Nominations close on 10 January, and categories will only list the top-ten nominees per category for voters to choose from.

For those who are curious, the Bloggies are a different series of blog awards from the 2006 Koufax Awards, for which Scientific Life received a number of nominations from you, dear readers (thanks!). Nominations for the "Sandies" are now closed, and I will post details regarding the first round of voting when I have them. With your help, it is my hope that Scientific Life will win a "Sandy"! And the benefit is that reading the nominees is a great way to find really good blogs out there, too.


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