Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tangled Bank Available .. I think!

The Tangled Bank

The latest edition of the Tangled Bank is online at Greythumb, however, I am having trouble accessing that site. Can anyone else see it? If so, what is the magical OS-browser combination that you are using?

Tangled Bank is looking for volunteers to host future editions once again. If you are interested in hosting, please send email to PZ. I know that I have my most favorite time slot lined up already, so it is time for you to also throw your hat into the ring and help spread the good news about science blogging!


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Anonymous Kevin said...

I'm having no trouble reading Tangled Bank with either Firefox or IE on Win2k; or Firefox or Konqueror on Linux (SuSE 10). Is it possible that the site was ill while you were looking?

9:59 PM  
Blogger Kristofer said...

Same for me, Win2k and firefox 1.5 works fine.

Kristofer's computational biology blog

4:28 AM  

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