Monday, December 27, 2004

Pale Male and Lola: How many ways can YOU spell "liar"?

Face it: Today is a crappy day. The malls, museums and movie theatres are crawling with angry, disappointed people and their angry, disappointed kids. Everywhere you look, there is no escape! Besides, aren't you still (just a little bit) angry because the Grinch spoiled your Christmas? ... because Santa left you a lump of coal in your stocking? ... that your holiday dinner drama turned your stomach? Bah, HUMBUG?!

Well, I have a great solution for you! You can use ALL your excess pent-up energy to raise hell on behalf of Pale Male and Lola! Even though it was repeatedly promised by the Co-op Board at 927 Fifth Avenue and by their contractors that the scaffolding that dangles above Pale Male and Lola's nest would be removed today, this was (surprise, surprise!) yet another lie. Er, misrepresentation.

The following humans, Homo hubris disingenuous, are all ignoring the NYC Audubon Society's repeated demands that they live up to their agreement of last week to remove the scaffolding today. As a result, the scaffolding and the netting that hangs four feet from it and into the nest spikes, will remain in place until ...

Hugo (212.737.XXXX),

the Grinchy control-freak building "super" provides roof access to

Brown Harris Stevens (212.906.XXXX),

the uncooperative money-grubbing contractor who owns the scaffolding and the netting that endangers the birds' lives (you'll probably end up talking to Noreen McKenna)

and the morally-constipated Scrooge Richard D. "Dick" Cohen (212.980.XXXX),

the bird/nature-hating chairman of the Co-op board and co-instigator of this nest-pillaging fiasco, along with his Co-op neighbor, former director and ahem, alleged plunderer of Enron, Robert A. Belfer

... all decide they have gotten bored with playing their pretentious little game with us. So please, put your pent-up fury to good use by making liberal use of these er, upstanding citizens' phone numbers to deliver messages of er, dismay, to them.


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