Thursday, December 23, 2004

PROTEST INFO: ... finally!

I visited Pale Male and Lola's building today during a lull in the stormy weather (2 pm EST). The scaffolding had been lowered down to the level of the cornice and was covered with a plastic banner that advertized the contractor's contact information. Perhaps not coincidentally, the banner also served to obscure the three workmen standing behind it on the scaffolding, drilling holes into the stone facade of the building. According to the few PaleMale/Lola fans present, the stainless steel "cradle" had been delivered late in the morning but no one had seen it yet. The Pale Male/Lola fans and reporters were standing in their usual place, directly across the street from the building, unable to really see anything from their vantage point due to the banner.

I leaned against a tree trunk about half a block north of the building so I could watch the progress. It was dark due to the heavy clouds and rain so the only thing I could see was the dust pile from the drilled stone, which was a lovely pink color (obviously the cream colored stone facade is heavily oxidized and sun-bleached). A photographer from the NY Post approached me to look through my binoculars and said the rain was making it difficult to see anything through his telephoto camera lens.

After half an hour, I left to take care of other business and planned to return later (4 pm EST). Unfortunately, by the time I was returning, the rain had become an underwear-drenching downpour combined with brisk winds (16 mph with frequent gusts to 33 mph) so I instead returned to my office to dry/thaw out. I will return tomorrow (the rain is supposed to subside around midnight tonight).

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Hedwig, amazing stuff! Well done. They are beautiful birds. Should be there in support but my thoughts are with you. Guess it must be sometime after 1.00pm in NYC - I hope the weather is kinder to you just now, and you are in good spirits. Happy Christmas. G.

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