Wednesday, December 22, 2004

PROTEST INFO: A Wee Bit of Progress

The latest news on Pale Male and Lola's nest site is that the masonry work on the building has been completed, the stainless steel "nest cradle" is finished (courtesy of Champion Metal Workers in Deer Park, Long Island) and it will finally be installed tomorrow, along with some sticks from their previous nest.

The NYC Audubon Society will host a celebratory vigil on Thursday, 23 December from 430 - 6 pm EST on the Central Park side of the street at 74th and 5th Avenue. Christmas carols will be sung, candles lit, celebratory signs displayed and perhaps a few of us will drink a toast (okay, not on the sidewalk -- don't want to be arrested, after all!). I also learned that there is film of construction of the "nest cradle" that will be available soon on the NYC Audubon site.

Don't forget that it is very cold out there (this is coming from a person who spent three hours standing in one place below the boreal owl's roost tree tonight -- I am still thawing out), especially after the sun goes down, so dress appropriately.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

From NYT Dec 23, 2004
Please. Lola Coos
Like a Dove.

We were delighted to hear that BEYER BLINDER BELLE, the architectural firm responsible for restoration projects at Ellis Island and Grand Central, was consulting on the support system for the new nest of PALE MALE and LOLA.

But we were frankly disturbed, with all the attention being paid to the birds, that there was no mention of décor.

So we put in a call to MARIO BUATTA, the interior designer whose clients have included BARBARA WALTERS and MALCOLM FORBES.

"They are still at 925?" said Mr. Buatta, who, if talk were measured like fabric, would be good for many brightly colored yard lengths. "It's such a pretty pediment. It's so beautiful and the birds are so beautiful and I'm very happy to see them going over home, though I wouldn't want them over a window if they were making a lot of noise doing a lot of" - he made an allusion, here, to something that birds do and bees do and even educated fleas do - "if they were doing a lot of it."

But your design, Mr. Buatta?

"I saw DAME EDNA for the 45th time last night and she is selling her wigs, beautiful lavender wigs, and the big eyeglasses. I would probably deck the pediment with many, many Dame Edna wigs. They would look so pretty against their wings."

Would they hold up?

"I've got one right in front of me," Mr. Buatta said. "It's made of really tough stuff. Not Brillo, but nylon or something strong. I think they'd love it. Where are they going to get purple unless they go to Florida," he said, "or maybe Beverly Hills, where they have these wonderful flowering plants."

Pale Male is a very macho bird. Might this not be a little, how do the French put it, sissy for his nest?

"Men don't even see color," Mr. Buatta said. "I would do the whole nest in it."

With Melena Z. Ryzik

7:20 AM  

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