Friday, December 17, 2004

PROTEST INFO: The Drama Continues

I checked on Pale Male and Lola's former nest site earlier today (230 pm EST) and I saw a window washing rig with several nets on it dangling from the roof, hanging down to a few feet above the cornice that originally supported the nest, but otherwise, nothing has changed. I was very disappointed because I was under the impression that installation of the railing and spikes was supposed to be completed by today. Both Pale Male and Lola hovered almost continually over the cornice, nearly motionless as they flew into the strong winds.

Tonight (6 pm EST), I just returned from the silent Vigil of Lights being held on the sidewalk across the street from the building where Pale Male and Lola lived. EJ McAdams from the NYC Audubon had just left the latest meeting regarding nest restoration and was positive about the progress being made. EJ McAdams says restoration should be underway by Tuesday of next week although there are weather issues that might affect the progress of the work. For example, the nest apparently caused some water damage to the facade of the building where it prevented proper ventilation to the building structure, so that damage must be repaired before the nest railing and spikes can be installed. This can only be done if it does not rain. For this reason, this part of the work might actually commence on Saturday (it is supposed to rain and snow on Sunday), but it is unclear what the exact plan is at the moment.

Some protesters are unhappy with the slowness of the process. They believe that Richard D. Cohen and the Co-op Board are not acting in good faith, that the board are dragging their feet in the hopes that the birds will solve the problem by leaving, and the protesters have good reasons to believe this, in my opinion. These protesters also think that silent vigils and peaceful protests are easily ignored by the residents and their neighbors and thus are not achieving the goal: pressuring the board to quickly reinstall the spikes that anchored Pale Male and Lola's nest to the cornice. These protesters are becoming increasingly restless and are agitating for significant progress to occur by Tuesday, the 21st of December, although I have no clue what they plan to do if their demand is not met.

Despite the fact that the process is progressing, I think that We The People MUST CONTINUE PRESSURING THE CO-OP BOARD AND OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS! We must demonstrate to the Co-op members in particular that we will not be distracted from our goal by holiday consumerism. As you finish your Christmas shopping and spend time with friends and family, don't forget that two homeless hawks need your help. Please give 30 minutes of your precious time to Pale Male and Lola by writing letters, sending email, and making telephone calls. Let's help Pale Male and Lola return Home for the Holidays!

Click here for contact information for all public officials involved.

Click here for contact information for the Co-op Board members and building residents.

If you live in NYC, please join us for one or all of these vigils on the Central Park side of the street at 74th and 5th Avenue;

Friday evening 430pm. (yes, that's tonight) Silent Vigil of Lights. Bring a flashlight or a candle and handwarmers!
Saturday 12 Noon. Bring bird seed and handwarmers!
Sunday 12 Noon. Bring bird seed and handwarmers!

Note: It is winter and thus it is very cold and windy so wear warm clothes. Bring hand-warmers. Please respect the fact that this is a peaceful gathering and not an official protest so do not cross the street to threaten or harass any of the residents in the building.

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