Thursday, October 13, 2005

Blog Carnival: I and the Bird Available

For those of you who enjoy topical reading, there is another blog carnival that was newly published. This biweekly blog carnival, I and the Bird, is a celebration of the finest writing about my life's passion; birds. This newest edition, issue #8 of I and the Bird is hosted by Troutgrrl at Science and Sarcasm.

I will be hosting I and the Bird #9, which will be published shortly before Hallowe'en on 27 October. Please send your wild bird-related submissions and nominations to GrrlScientist [at] yahoo by 26 October to be included in the next issue of I and the Bird! I am specifically looking for educational essays, personal stories, opinion pieces, poetry and photoblogs. Incidentally, one thing that Troutgrrl does in her edition of this blog carnival that I really like and want to continue in my issue is mentioning the geographic location where the events described in the contributed piece took place. So please mention the location in your submission or nomination. Additionally, those of you who know me will know that I like to encourage new voices, so be sure to tell me if you are a new contributor to I and the Bird.


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